Newborn, Baby & Child 

Photography Studio 

Angus, Scotland

122 Dundee Street, Carnoustie


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What is it they say? Never work with Children or Animals?

I know the thought of having your kids or pets photographed can be terrifying, trust me, I have 3 kids and 2 dogs... the thought of having them photographed is really overwhelming!

However you have come to the right place! My patience levels are legendary.  I don't bat an eye when your baby decides to evacuate his bowels all down my trousers, nor do I mind when your toddler throws an almighty tantrum mid session for no reason.  Kids will be kids!  They have their own agenda and I have seen it all!

I have trick after trick up my sleeve to handle anything that happens during your photo session!  I will capture your kids looking like butter wouldn't melt, I may catch their cheeky sides too though! 

It may feel like your newborn never sleeps and you have no chance of capturing beautiful sleepy images...I will, I promise!  I've been doing this over 10 years now so I've had an abundance of practice.  Even the most difficult babies who have left me feeling a tad broken (very rare) have always ended up with a beautiful gallery of images.

Meet your Newborn & Baby photographer! 

Hi! I'm Nicola! 

I'm so looking forward to welcoming you into my studio in Carnoustie, Angus!

I will make you a cuppa & feed you biscuits!  I will create  beautiful photos for you even if your baby refuses to sleep and treats every blanket like a toilet! 

I'm not a huge chatterbox so you can just relax and enjoy a warm cuppa in nice, peaceful surroundings. 

Babies change so quickly, so let me capture them now, just as they are right in this moment.

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