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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Toddler Photography – 1 year old ‘K’

Bumps Babies Beyond | Family Photography by Nicola Hutchison – Baby Photographer. Today I had a session with ‘K’ who just celebrated his first birthday last week! As a baby and child photographer in Scotland (and mother to a one year old) I know they dont like to stay still for very long so many…

Family Photography – ‘A’ Family sneak peek

Bumps Babies Beyond | Family Photography by Nicola Hutchison As a Family photographer i know it is vital to make clients as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their professional portrait sessions, and usually it takes a little coaxing for a child to come out of their shells. However for the son of the ‘A’…

Child Photography – Never sit still….

Bumps Babies Beyond| Family Photography by Nicola Hutchison As a child and family photographer I know just how hard it can be getting children to stay still for the camera…what can I say? I enjoy the challenge ;o). However…when it comes to photographing my own children, it is near impossible, they know all my tricks!…

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Newborns by Nicola is a specialist Newborn & Baby Photography studio in the Angus coastal town of Carnoustie.  

With almost a decade of experience in photographing Newborn babies, Nicola will be sure to create stunning images that you will treasure forever.

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