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6 month old little Ethan – Baby Portraits in Dundee.

Newborn, Baby & Child Photography in your own Home! Dundee, Angus, Perth, Fife & Aberdeen.

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing little Ethan who is 6 months old!  Ethan is such a lovely wee soul, with such wise eyes!  He watched me like a hawk while I was setting up and throughout the whole session.  His Mummy had the cutest little outfit selection for him to wear too which I just loved!


I sometimes worry that my families stress about how a photography session is going to go, worrying if baby is going to be happy etc etc.  So I want to take this opportunity to say not every session goes well so please don’t worry.  I met with Ethan twice because the first time unfortunately it didn’t go so great…. I had to delay the session a little while as I got held up in another session which mucked about with Ethan’s nap time a little…. this then meant little Ethan wasn’t as into the session as he may have been had the day went a little smoother.  That was totally fine though, no big deal, we just scheduled again for another day.  This time he was a lot happier and he had been working on his sitting so it actually made the session a lot better with more variety.

So please if you are thinking of booking a session, don’t worry!!  Every baby is different, and they are all different at different parts of the day too, so should we have a session and it doesn’t go great we will always try again.  The aim is to get a lovely set of photos and sometimes that takes a couple of goes and that is totally fine 🙂

Here is just a small selection of the adorable images from baby Ethan’s 6 month session

I hope you love them as much as I do!

Nicola x

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