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Baby Photos of Little Evie and Big Sister Rebecca!

Baby Portraits in Arbroath, Scotland

Beautiful newborn baby Evie and her big sister Rebecca

I love to create fun and interesting portraits but my biggest focus of course has to be on safety throughout the session. This photograph of little Evie and her sister Rebecca was so much fun to create and took a little more work than your run of the mill sibling portrait!

First I took a photo of Rebecca holding the stick with the little stork pouch attached (no baby in it though!), while this was going on little Evie was safely in mummies arms having a cuddle. I then took the stork pouch off the branch, pulled across my beanbag and started to prepare the shot of Evie. Once I got Evie settled into the perfect position her mummy lifted the pouch off the beanbag just a couple of inches, with her spare hand underneath supporting Evie. I then took the shot and continued through the other shots from the session. Evie pretty much slept the whole time! Wee superstar 🙂

After the session finished I loaded all the photographs onto my computer and took the two shots into the magic program that is photoshop and worked some magic and the result is the image below! Cool isn’t it?

I LOVE this shot and can’t wait to show their parents the rest of the images on Sunday!

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