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I always wondered how you did that! – Baby photos with a Little added magic!

Newborn Baby Portraits with added Magic at our Arbroath Photography Studio


I do a lot of images that may have you wondering ‘hmmm is that safe?’ , well in short, yes very safe!

Safety during my baby photo sessions is tantamount!  There is no way I would ever put a baby in danger to get the ‘perfect’ shot.

Sometimes it is simple things like placing weights in the bottom of baskets so they don’t tip or having a parent beside the baby in or on a prop with their hand just an inch or two off the baby so that if they even move the tiniest bit then a safe hand can be placed on baby.

Other times we have to take 2 or 3 or more shots to combine later on to get the perfect shot.  Take this shot for example…

 This photograph is made up of two images.  First we photographed big sister Rebecca holding the branch with the little stork pouch tied onto it.  The branch was a little long so Daddy used a supporting hand to hold it at the right angle.

Next I pulled my beanbag across and untied the stork pouch from the stick.  Then on the beanbag coaxed little Evie into position inside the stork pouch.  As a babies head is quite heavy compared to the rest of the body I had to make sure the body was lower than the head, but for added support and safety when Evie’s Mummy lifted the pouch she placed a hand underneath.  The pouch was only lifted a couple of inches off the beanbag so if Evie started to move at all it would be lowered right back down.

So once I had these 2 images I then made some digital magic in the fabulous program which is Adobe Photoshop!  And voila we have a beautiful, fun and most importantly safe image!

Over the course of the next few weeks I plan to share more of these before and after images as I really do feel it will help my expectant mummies know what to expect from their session and it may even get your mind buzzing with ideas that we could try in your baby photo session!  I LOVE working together with families to create something truly awesome!

If you are a baby photographer and keen to learn about how to safely photograph newborns I am actually teaching at the SWPP convention in London in January 2016! Email me at nicola@newbornsbynicola.com or click HERE for more info!

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