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Behind the shot – Frog pose with baby Willow

Insider secrets – how we safely do the cute frog pose!

The frog pose is a wee bit of a marmite pose, it is generally loved or hated, no in-between!  I personally love it but don’t to do it all that often unless asked specifically for it.  This is mainly because it can often take quite a while to perfect so if its not really a pose mum and dad are keen on then it makes sense to spend the time better doing a pose they love.

Generally the frog pose is made up of two shots (sometimes more) with one shot taken supporting the top of the babies head and the second supporting the hands under the chin.  This pose when done right is actually quite steady so the parents hand holding the head is merely supporting as opposed to holding the head up like one of those toy games with the big pincers haha

The reason I chose to do a before and after of this shot as nowadays with digital photography it is easy to become a photographer and many look at this shot and think baby is actually posed and balanced like this which really is rather scary.  So rather than it being a ‘trade secret’ it is better it is explained how it is done.  This pose should only be attempted by a photographer who is skilled in posing, photography and photoshop as all these elements are needed to create this shot, without the skills it can be dangerous to baby, which really isn’t what newborn photography should be.  I also think it is great for parents to know what to expect from a session if they want one of the more adventurous poses.

I love this shot of little Willow, I hope you do too! 🙂

Nicola x

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