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Behind the shot – Rory & baby James

An insight into what goes into creating the perfect baby and sibling image..

Obviously I LOVE newborn photography, I wouldn’t do it for a living if I didn’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not super hard at times!  One of the hardest things is getting that perfect image of a new baby with their big brother or sister, especially the younger older kids.  The last thing a curious and active 3 year old wants to do is stay still and I really don’t expect them to!

Some kids will happily lie on a snuggly rug and cuddle their new baby sibling, others will scream murder if you even suggest that!  Sometimes you really need to get creative.  Which is what we did with these 2 cute little men.  Big brother Rory is such a fun we boy with a face full of expression that just made me laugh every time his wee eyebrows came down into an epic frown.  Unfortunately he really doesn’t like getting his photo taken so it was clear I was never going to get a shot of him snuggling his brother… luckily mum & dad had brought along a selection of Rory’s diggers and dump trucks which he LOVES!

So what we did is get Rory to play with his dump truck while I just snapped away, I was so delighted when he turned and gave me that lovely huge smile!  Once I was happy with the shots of Rory his Daddy took him out for a wee wander outside and I got to work with James.  Obviously with a newborn safety is tantamount so some measures were put into place such as weights either side of one of the back wheels to stop it from moving (you can see them in the photo with just James).  I also had Mum sit right by the dumper with her hands just inches away so if James so much as sighed she would have her hands on him instantly.  In the shot with James her hands are just out of shot.  Also the dumper had a latch on it to stop the dumper bit moving so I made sure that was on and sturdy.  If there wasn’t a latch I would have placed weights in the dumper tray and also got a parent to hold it in place.

Once I was happy with James’ shot I put them together in photoshop and merged them together and voila a lovely sibling shot that was done completely safely and wasn’t traumatic at all for big brother Rory.

This is a technique I often use with siblings if they are young because quite frankly toddlers and babies are unpredictable and it is much easier and safer to work with them separately and it creates some stunning results which just wouldn’t be possible at all with 2 little ones in shot at the same time.

I loved creating this image and love how personal it is the family using Rory’s dump truck and a blanket knitted by their grandmother.

Nicola x


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