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Breastfeeding in public!

This morning while flicking through Facebook while munching my breakfast the subscriber cover of Elle Australia popped up, shared by one of my newborn mummies.  I LOVE it!  Here is a link to the story!

Now don’t worry I’m not a breastfeeding nazi who thinks breast is best and all the rest sucks.. not at all!  One thing I am passionate about though is the stigma that comes with breastfeeding in public, it makes me so, so angry seeing stories about women being asked to leave a premises or go feed their child in a bathroom!

When my first daughter was just 3 weeks old (she’s now 8) I remember going into Dundee to get some last minute Christmas shopping.  It was so busy and being a brand new mum I didn’t have the confidence to just find a quiet space to sit and feed her.  I ended up in the bathroom feeding her and that just sucks.  I know in the Overgate centre there is a little room for baby feeding somewhere but I couldn’t find it and Allanah was showing me how loud she could scream at that point so I just gave up the hunt.  I feel that if it was much more common place to see mums breastfeeding in public I would maybe have had the confidence to just feed my baby instead of letting her get stressed (and myself too!) trying to find the only baby feeding room in the massive shopping centre.  I also remember escaping and sitting in the car many a time to feed her if we were out somewhere.  By baby number 3, Bronte, though I had gave up caring!  When she needed fed I fed her where I was!  To be honest its so discreet feeding a baby half the time no one even notices!  If I could go back and tell my young, new mum self anything it would be to relax and just feed her!  The more commonplace it is the more people will relax and feel comfortable to feed their babies.

Heres a funny story actually….  When Bronte was just about a week old we went to Brechin Steam Railway for the Thomas Tank day.  We had great fun on the steam train and just as we were needing to get back off at the station Bronte got very hungry.  She was in her moby wrap (superb invention!!) so I just adjusted her and let her feed whilst I got off the train and went to find somewhere to sit.  Before I found a seat the fat controller (who wasn’t fat at all might I add LOL) stopped me and started to ask how old she was etc, etc he had no clue whatsoever that he was chatting away to me while I fed her.  My face was a tad red mind you!!  But it just shows you, it is so discreet to feed your baby!  I really don’t understand why it is made to be such a big deal and how people can actually justify sending a mother to a bathroom to feed her child!  It wouldn’t happen with a bottle fed baby so why with a breast fed baby!  It is so Ironic since we are naturally meant to breastfeed!

Babies need fed milk….breast or bottle its a personal choice but both ways should be treated with respect.  Breastfeeding mums should be able to feed their babies without the stigma of feeding in public, likewise bottle feeding mummies should be able to feed their babies with formula without the breast is best brigade descending on them.  As long as baby is fed, healthy and happy does it really matter?

So Nicole Trunfio I salute you!  What a beautiful image 🙂

ps… The Newborns by Nicola studio is a pro breast & bottle feeding zone!  You won’t get sent to the bathroom here! 😉


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