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Why should I have a newborn session?

I am often asked, usually by older generations why I want to photograph sleeping newborns…  My answer they have the rest of their lives for awake and smiley photos.  The newborn stage usually involves them sleeping loads while we watch them sleep marvelling in the fact that you have created this brand new, precious little human.  So why not capture them like this?  Give it a few weeks and they will be wide awake loads and you will be missing watching them sleep.  Trust me, you will.  There is nothing saddens me  more than photographing an older baby to be be told by mum that they sorely regret not getting a newborn session done…

Newborn Photography sessions are best done within the first 3 weeks of life, but if circumstances don’t permit this, up to 6 weeks is still possible.  The best time to book is just after the 12 week scan however bookings later in pregnancy are still accepted dependant on availability.

Likewise if baby has already been born I will do my utmost to fit you in, but it cannot be guaranteed.  Obviously babies do arrive on their own agenda so we book the due date in the diary and finalise the actual session date and time once baby has arrived.

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