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Perth Baby Scan Studio – Bumps Babies Beyond | Photography by Nicola Hutchison

BUMPS BABIES BEYOND | Photography by Nicola Hutchison – Dundee, Angus & Perth Baby Photographer.

Yesterday I had the wonderful oppurtunity of meeting Dr Alexander Christie and his lovely assistant Kit.  Dr Christie runs the Perth Baby Scan Studio which specializes in 3d-4d ultrasound imaging.  The reason for the meeting was because Dr Christie has been so kind as to let me display my images on the walls of his waiting room! I was also delighted to be offered a complimentary scan as I am 23 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby.   I had previously visited Dr Christie around 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Marlie so I know first-hand how amazing it is to see a baby in 3d/4d before he/she is even born! So of course I jumped at the chance!
Baby girl is doing great and looks like a nice even mix of her sisters although unlucky for her she looks like she has inherited my ski-slope nose! Already the photographer in me is planning a photoshoot for when she is born to capture that cute wee nose and see how much or how little she has changed since this little glance at her gorgeous face!
I would 100% recommend anyone who is expecting to go visit Dr Christie at the Perth Baby Scan Studio, it is a wonderful experience! I can’t wait to visit again when I go to hang up my photos and have another little sneaky peek into my baby daughters world in my womb.
Below you will find a link to Dr Christies site, please check it out! And a few of my favourite images from yesterdays scan!

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