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Safety and Composites in Newborn Photography – Cutie Oscar!

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How it’s done!

Recently I had the pleasure of teaching at the SWPP convention down in London.  The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers convention is one of my favourite times of the year!  Almost a full week of learning and fun with the most amazing bunch of photographers!  My classes were based on safety in newborn photography and the use of composites.  My classes were a lot of fun if a tad nerve wracking!  Here is one of the images from my superclass!  This little monkey was such a curious little dude who didn’t fancy sleeping much but we managed to catch a few sleepy moments, here is one of the final images.  This backdrop and props in this shot were kindly provided by Click Props, Ive been having a lot of fun using this bowl since, its a great prop!



So as mentioned I was teaching about safety and composites in newborn photography.  A composite is an image made up of 2 or more images layered on top of each other to awesome effect.

This type of image is always done as a composite as clearly a baby will not sit like that on their own, even if they did they could move or startle at any moment putting the baby in danger which we absolutly do not want.

This particular image (below) was made up of 3 images, the first of just the set up minus little cutie Oscar. We then brought him into the shot and coaxed him into what is called the ‘frog pose’. This pose can take a wee while to achieve as while baby is never unsupported we want it to look like he is comfortably sitting there without support or it will just look uncomfortable and unsafe. Also while the pose is fully supported it does require an element of sturdiness within the pose.

Once I am happy with the pose I ask one of the parents to help by supporting the head so I can take a shot and then the wrists so I can take another shot.

Then it is just a case of taking the images into photoshop and layering them up together and using various tools to create the final image.

I love these types of image and I reckon this would look amazing framed large on a wall above babies cot in his nursery!


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