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#throwbackthursday to November 2012!

Throwback Thursday and another little post on creating fun and safe newborn images!

This blog post is a bit of a follow on from yesterdays post regarding how I stitch multiple images together to create what is called a composite to create one beautiful (and safe) image.  This image also falls into the throwback thursday theme of the day!  This image of cutie pie Rory was taken in November 2012, he was actually the first session in my old, old studio in Dundee! So that means Rory will now be about 2 1/2!  time flies!

So this image, like yesterdays is made up of two images!  I no longer have the original files to share from this but I will explain how its done…

Rory’s mummy brought along lots of awesome props to their session such as the biggest teddy bear in the world, a little golf club and golf hat etc etc… LOTS of cool stuff, I had SO much fun (I absolutely adore creating images using personal items so if you are coming for a session please bring me some fun stuff to incorporate!).  So one thing she wanted to incorporate was her love of Shoes and handbags (girl after my own heart!).  So after a bit of thought the logical thing to do was to pop Rory in a handbag and hold it in the air! haha just kidding!

So for this shot what I did was put weights in the bottom of the handbag so it wouldn’t topple and then stuffed it with blankets so it stood up nice and firm.  I then made a space in the blankets and placed Rory in all snug as a bug!  I then got mum who was right next to the bag in case Rory moved of course to lift up the bag handles so that it was positioned as it would be if she had been holding the bag.  I then took the photo of Rory in the bag. The bag remained on the floor at all times and Rory was extremely safe and contented.

I then took Rory out and passed him to Daddy for a cuddle.  Next I took a photograph of mum holding the empty handbag, making sure it was at the same angle as the image with Rory in it.  Once I had the two images I was able to place one on top of the other and voila with some Photoshop wizardry I was able to create the image below!

This image 2 1/2 years later is still one of my very favourite baby photos and was actually featured in my Associate and Craftsman qualification panels.


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