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What age is best for newborn baby photos?

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As a newborn baby photographer I get asked all the time what is the best age for newborn photographs? and when should we book?

The best time to book is as soon as possible after your twelve week scan.  We can often get full up quickly so this allows us to book a certain number of due dates in per month so that we can be flexible. We all know how fickle babies can be and tend to arrive any day apart from their due date!  This is not to say if you have only just found our website and baby is already 4 days old that we wont be able to fit you in… definitely not!  We will still do our very best to fit you in but it may mean baby may be outwith the recommended age for a newborn baby photoshoot.

Which brings us to the next and most asked question…  What is the best age for newborn photographs?

The ‘perfect’ age is around 5-8 days!  There are many reasons for this such as

  • feeding has already established
  • baby will still be very sleepy
  • baby will still be very curly (that sounds silly but when you have a newborn you will know what I mean!)
  • no milk spots will be showing yet
  • dad will still be on paternity leave so can attend the session

Obviously a 3 day window is not hugely achievable so in reality we recommend under 2 weeks!  I do tend to try and avoid under 5 days particularly if baby is breastfed as little one will likely be still feeding lots.  I also tend to avoid days 12 to 14 as babies often have a wee growth spurt around then which means lots of feeding again!

Generally I will happily take newborn photos up to around 4 weeks.  The older they get the less sleepy they are but up to 4 weeks we can still get lots of lovely sleepy images, sometimes though it will just take a little bit longer.

This is not an exact science however…. sometimes I will get a 7 day old who barely sleeps and then the next day I will have a 4 week old who sleeps the whole time! Every baby is different!  If little one does come to the session and really wont sleep we will always reschedule a second session so we get all the beautiful shots we want to get, so please don’t worry if you come for your baby photos and little one is too interested in eating or cuddling mummy we will always try again if needed!  This doesn’t happen often at all though.

So to finish up the simple answer to the questions are book your due date in as soon as you can after the 12 week scan and within a day or two of baby arriving get in touch and we schedule the session for when baby is under 2 weeks.

I hope that helps!

Nicola x

ps if you want to book or just want more info please hit the contact button at the top or email nicola@newbornsbynicola.com


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