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What to wear for your photoshoot!

BUMPS BABIES BEYOND | Photography by Nicola Hutchison – Photographer to Dundee & Angus.

One of the first questions I get asked upon booking a portrait session is “What should I wear?” so I figured it was about time I made a post with suggestions, ideas etc!

Starting from the beginning – Bump (maternity) sessions.

As the main focus of the session will be on the bump, the bump has to be either uncovered or covered with a tight-fitting top.  Close fitting vest tops or t-shirts work well as they show the shape of the bump when covered but also don’t have too much material to cause distraction if pulled up to reveal the bump.

Crop tops or pretty bras also work well.

Oversized white shirts work well with a few buttons buttoned and the bump peeking out.

For the bottom half I recommend leggings or trousers/jeans without an obvious maternity waistband.  regular jeans with the top button undone can often look nice.

If you want a more au’ natural look then pretty lingerie or even nude can look beautiful, and dont worry you would be positioned in a way that protects modesty and flatters you!

Keep jewellry simple, particularly on the hands and wrists as I often do close ups of the mum and dads hands on the bump.  so wedding rings, pretty bracelet etc are perfect…big bulky watches not so much!

Here are a few photos to give you ideas of what works well.   Also for even more ideas please check out the bumps page!

Katie22 copy

20090718-DSC_0026 copy15 copy


Newborn to 9 months.

Without doubt the best way in my opinion to photograph newborns and young babies is to have them nude, in just a nappy or with a plain white vest.  Babies can often look ‘swallowed up’ by clothing but obviously if you have a special outfit that you want the baby photographed in then that is no problems at all!

I would suggest for outfits, white or pastel colours.  No characters, logos, garish colours etc.  We want to capture the purity of a young baby.

For texture and interest hats and pretty blankets work exceptionally well on young babies!

Here are a few pictures of babies illustrating my suggestions.  Again you will find more on the babies page!

20091002-DSC_0027 copy20090708-20090708-DSC_0003-2 copy20090709-DSC_0025 copy20091002-DSC_0049 copy


Older babies and children.

This is wear we can have some fun!  Bright colours work fantastic on children, keep it simple like jeans and a t-shirt but with bright and bold colours.  If your child has a special ‘dress-up’ outfit that they love wether it is a pirate outfit or a pretty princess dress then let them where it for a few photos.  This is often the time when I get the most natural and fun expressions on a childs face!

Again I recommend no characters, logos etc and somewhat timeless…

20091129-DSC_0405 copy20091220-DSC_1606-Edit copy


Adults and families.

For photos of adults I recommend neutral colours.  Again no logos, slogans etc.  keep it simple.  I always have a black and a white background in tow..so dark colours work best against dark, and light against light (i’ll let you in on a little secret…this actually can create a slimming effect!).

For family photos, I recommend keeping everyone in similar colours, not identical outfits but similar styles. 

You will find more examples for toddlers, kids, adults and families on the beyond page!

20091006-DSC_0001 copy20091007-DSC_0161 copy20091002-DSC_0111 copy


Please remember this is all suggestion, if you have anything in particular in mind then that is great, and feel free to have a couple of different outfit changes if you so wish! just dont spend hours in between changes! 😉  Here are a couple of photos from previous sessions which although have not been what I would normally recommend but have worked really well!

1f copy20090718-DSC_0053 copy


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