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Willow – Beautiful Baby Portraits in Arbroath

What I love about newborn portrait sessions is that in the photos they look so peaceful, it really doesn’t show what really goes on in a photoshoot.  At the other side of the camera I am surrounded by props, hats, headbands galore, with a pile of soiled blankets beside me and more often than not a large wet patch on my trousers where baby has wee’ed on me.  If I’m really lucky I will have some ominous looking stains too, and maybe some baby sick on my shoulder, in my hair or down my top!

Little Willows session was no different! In fact the photo of her with the pink hat was just seconds before an epic poo explosion all over the blanket!  Lucky everything is machine washable!  But look how peaceful she is! You would never know.

Apart from the wee explosion though Willow was as cute as a button and a wee cuddlebug.  Isn’t she just gorgeous? 🙂

If you are expecting, I would LOVE to photograph your baby!  To book just send me an email to nicola@newbornsbynicola.com 🙂

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